Planet Automattic: February 2014

Automattic, Automatticians, and the wonderful photos of Sheri Bigelow!

The Blog

No matter where you are in the world, you’ll find people working on Developers deploying lines of code. Designers tinkering with themes. Engineers working one-on-one with users to help make their websites just so. (Want to join in? We’re hiring.)

One cool thing about Automatticians? We care about so much that we’re always thinking about ways to make it better, online and off. Here’s a glimpse at the230 Automatticians around the globe — and things we’re working on and thinking about right now.

We blog about WordPress (naturally!)

At Automattic, we’re constantly communicating, breaking and fixing, and iterating and improving. Communication tools like theP2 theme, Skype, and IRC channels allow ideas and conversations to flow at all times, while our own blogs are spaces to reflect on and share the things we’ve learned.

In Moscow, Code WranglerKonstantin Kovshenin works on the Dot…

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19 Days in Japan – What’s coming up next?


What’s coming up next?

While we put some finishing touches on, we’re also working on a book (both in physical and digital forms) — we’re hoping this will portray our experience and make you want to live your own.

Yokoso and stay tuned!